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Dropped Kerb Driveways

Dropped Kerb Parking by Domenech Design
This sloping front garden was not used and became wasted space. Our architects redesigned the area to make room for two parking spaces with a dropped kerb for access.

At Domenech Design, we can provide you with the design drawings and handle the planning application process for a dropped kerb on your property to utilise the space to include driveway parking. A drop kerbs can increase your property’s value up to 10%, as it is one of the most sought-after amenities, although this will depend on your location.


To apply for a dropped kerb, your property must:

  • Leave enough room for you to park your vehicle completely on the property.

  • Be a minimum width of 2.4m 

  • Be more than 10m away from a road junction. 

  • Meets visibility guidelines

  • Have suitable drainage near your house. 

  • Be at least 1.5m from streetlights.

  • Avoid removing tree roots

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