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Converting your loft is a fantastic way to add additional space to your home and increase the overall size and value of your property.

Converting your loft is normally cheaper than building an extension and will normally give you a better return on the value when you sell.

On your standard semi-detached house a loft Conversions generally give you an additional master bedroom with a bathroom. This bedroom is normally the biggest in the house and has space for a walk in wardrobe and storage in the eves.

We have designed over 500 loft conversions for home owners in and around London.



Mansard Loft Conversions provide largest room volume for any loft conversion. This gives the structure a flat roof with the wall sloping inwards at an angle of 72-90 degrees. Mansard loft conversions involve changing the structure of the roof and will require planning permission.


This type of loft conversion is suitable for roofs that have three sloping sides. These roofs often have limited internal volume so a hip-to-gable conversion will increase the size of your loft space. As this type of loft conversion changes the outline of the roof, planning permissions may be required.


Dormer Loft Conversions do not require significant changes to the roof structure. This conversion will increase the useable floor space and give an extra head height. Dormers can often be constructed without requiring planning permission.

Skylight / Velux Loft Conversion

A Velux / Skylight window loft conversion generally don’t need planning permission as the roof of the property is not changed and only windows are added. This extension is a side return extension which is combined with a rear extension to make an L-shaped space that wraps around your home. These are ideal if you really want to maximise the space to your property.

Residential services: 

Loft conversion, Single storey extension, Side return extension, Wrap-around extension, Rear extension, Side extension, Double-storey extension

Front porch, House conversion into flats, Door and window elevations, New build development, Annexe conversion, Maisonette conversion, Conservatory conversion, Garage conversion.

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