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Lease Plans

We provide Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans and Title Plans which are commonly needed to be supplied to your solicitor or estate agent if you are looking to lease out property or commercial space.

Our drawings are provided by our architectural team and all our site surveys are done by a surveyor using the latest laser measured equipment which enables us to provide accurate architectural drawings.

What do Lease Plans contain?

We produce detailed floor plans that indicate the property boundaries and label room use. Location maps highlighting specific borders various scales are also produced with clear makings of components such as a north arrow.

Other Plans Domenech Design Produce:

- Transfer Plans

If you intend to spilt and sell parts of land from and existing plot, you require Transfer plans which show the land being sold and being transferred out of a title.

​- Deed of Variation Plan

If your property has been extended or the layout has changed, you need to obtain a deed of variation to a leasehold property as you may experience difficulties at the point you decide to sell.

All our plans meet Land Registry requirements.

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