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  • Richard Domenech

Drop Kerb Explained, Time, Process & Cost?

The average cost to drop a kerb is usually around £850 - £1,300 to construct, Please contact your Local Council to get a quote as charges vary depending on your location and the council borough, width of pavement, the number of kerbs to drop or if you want to extend an existing dropped kerb.

Do I require planning permission for a dropped kerb?

You will need to apply for planning permission for a dropped kerb which leads onto a driveway and planning is also required if the surface of the driveway covers more than 5 square metres and does not use porous materials.

How long is the construction of a dropped kerb?

The construction usually takes between 3 to 7 days.

How long does it take for the council to give permission for a dropped kerb?

Like all planning applications, the council take 8 weeks.

Do I really need a drop kerb?

Yes, without a dropped kerb you cannot park your car on your property. If you drive over a pavement without a dropped kerb you can be liable for any damage caused to not only the pathway but also any utility underneath. If you drive over the pavement without a dropped kerb you are breaking the law and are liable from any collision with a pedestrian or any damage to the path or utility under the pavement.

What If I Drop a Kerb Myself Without Planning Permission?

The council will immediately fix or remove any illegally dropped kerbs and reinstate your original pavement and charge all costs to the homeowner. This is effectively criminal damage to Local Authority property so should not be done without their consent.

What are the reasons why an Planning Application maybe rejected?

  • Your front garden is not large enough to fit at least one vehicle on your property.

  • The kerb is less than 4.8 metres from the front of your home or less than 6 metres if you have a parking space in the front.

  • The parking space is less than 2.4 metres in width.

  • The requested access is within 10 metres away from a road junction and or less than 15 metres from major roads and busy junctions.

  • Any street furnishings, including lamps, are within 1.5 metres away.

  • The dropped kerb would affect visibility guidelines according to the type of road.

  • Proper drainage must be provided to accommodate excess water.

  • A healthy tree is in proximity to the property.

  • Drop Kerb would need a tree root removal.

  • The slope leading to your driveway is too steep.

  • The construction material used is different to the surrounding areas.

  • The property tenant applies for permission rather than a owner.

Will a dropped kerb increase my property value?

Yes, Drop kerbs can increase your property’s value up to 10%, as it is one of the most sought-after amenities, although this will depend on your location.

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