Due to the demand for better quality of service, provision of adequate capacity and coverage for a wireless communication system (WLAN, Radio and Cellular), wireless network designers are faced with the pressures and challenges of delivering a design that can actually meet the client’s requirements and needs.

Designers are presented with a large number of wireless frequencies, environmental factors, challenging building structures and network equipment choices to contend with during the initial design stages. It is also vital that the design meets the client’s business needs, thresholds levels and coverage requirements and in the process, leaving spare money in the bank for the client.

To meet these client demands and need, we have the capability to provide customised wireless modelling for any in-building environment (from small developments to stadiums) using bespoke wireless modelling tool. Our tool utilises AutoCAD drawings to simulate the RF characteristics of a building or open area. Simplified versions of a building or facility in AutoCAD format can be imported into the software modelling tool to enable processing and formatting. 

The software modelling tool has been complemented with a vast library which includes major RF manufacturer’s equipment and specifications.

We can also build/design/customise equipment and assign parameters for a specific design. Loss/attenuation properties can also be assigned to different building parts in order to provide more accurate wireless modelling.

Ensuring the required coverage level within a building is achieved prior to installation can result in system cost saving and provide the required system verification.

Our wireless modelling covers the following systems:
- Wireless LAN
- Private Mobile Radio
- Cellular

In addition, we have the capability to design a proposed wireless network or provide design verification of an already designed wireless network.
Our vast experience in AutoCAD and wireless system design and planning provides a perfect combination in ensuring we deliver the most suitable and adequate solutions to clients.